American Heart Association Heart Science Forum

Friday, April 178:00am–1:30pm

Each year in select cities, the AHA facilitates a forum that convenes leaders in research, medicine, technology, venture capital, pharmaceuticals and other industries related to Life Sciences. As the AHA seeks to promote immediacy in advancing science to market, this event will showcase local researchers and early stage companies in a challenge, where they will have the opportunity to showcase their work to leaders in the industry.

The 2015 Heart Science Forum Research Challenge invites innovators to submit a solution that will help solve a problem related to cardiovascular disease or stroke. As we know the next big idea is out there and this event gives the chance for individuals to be in front of key influencers who hold the power to make these solutions a reality.

The AHA has come to recognize the opportunity that exists at the intersect of innovation and cardiovascular disease. At the second annual Heart Science Forum, some of the greatest minds that touch Life Sciences in Philadelphia will come together for a world class collaborative discussion. Through the forum, the AHA will foster relationships between key stakeholders that will benefit the entire health science ecosystem and drive much needed resources towards innovation in cardiovascular research and technology.

WHYY, Independence Mall West
150 North 6th Street