Best Practices for Selecting the Right Web Experience Management Platform

Wednesday, April 222:00pm–3:00pm

Customers demand more from their digital experiences today. To cater to these users’ high expectations and needs, every organization needs a Web Experience Management (WEM) platform that leverages data and analytics for better insight and then serves visitors with relevant content, services, and products for a more personalized experience.

Today, WEM has become more than just a tool to handle information and deliver static marketing sites; WEM can provide a platform for building more complex digital solutions. There is no one-stop-shop for WEM platforms; they come in all makes, models and price ranges. The recent developments can make finding the right WEM platform to meet business, user and technology goals less than perfectly intuitive.

How does an organization identify the solution that best meets their short-term needs while positioning them well for the future?

NorthPoint Digital has helped several Fortune 500 organizations in the Healthcare, Media, Publishing, Education, and Not-for-Profit arenas identify and implement the right WEM platform to drive their digital business. Our company has recommended Open Source WEM solutions like WordPress and Drupal as well as licensed/commercial solutions like Adobe and Sitecore to enable organizations to engage at a deeper level across all digital channels.

This session discusses important factors that digital leaders should consider when choosing the best web experience management platform. During this session, you will learn:

• Why implement a Web Experience Platform?

• How to select best-of-breed technology to serve the respective business, user and technology needs (and provide value to users)

• How businesses can boost ROI by choosing the right WEM platform and thereby reduce the cost of development and time to launch

• How to deliver a great content experience – addressing the needs of content editors and minimizing limitations to editorial strategies (and designing a system that will facilitate the creation and publication of online content)

• Best practices for addressing the user needs while making the experience accessible across the broadest range of devices (desktop, mobile, tablet) – and to stay within budget!

• Considerations around integration to other digital marketing tools and data platforms

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