Building Digital Infrastructures, Empowering Citizen Scientists

Wednesday, April 229:30am–12:30pm

In partnership with Drexel University’s Center for Science, Technology & Society and the ExCITe Center, this event will workshop digital projects and their platforms to improve accessibility and empower citizen scientists. is a Philly start-up with international reach featuring 1,000 citizen science projects in need of help from the public. is a collaborative ethnographic research project designed to advance understanding and efforts to address environmental public health challenges around the world. Both platforms will benefit from enhanced cyberinfrastructure to make it easier for people to participate in citizen science, track their contributions, connect with others, and more.

At this event, representatives from the programs will present an overview and describe their cyber infrastructure challenges.

Learn about the projects then weigh in during the hands-on workshop designed to enhance the platforms and improve the experience for participants.

Wednesday, April 22nd

9:00 am coffee

9:30 am Project presentations

10:30 am Project Workshopping

11:30 am brunch buffet

12:30 pm end

ExCITe Center
3401 Market Street Suite 100


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