Cable Franchising, Why it Matters

Wednesday, April 2212:00pm–2:00pm

Live from the TV studios of PhillyCAM, representatives from the Media Mobilizing Project, Indy Hall and local and national PEG access television station staffers will engage in a lively conversation about the upcoming renegotiation of the City’s cable franchise with Comcast.

Don’t be turned off by the wonky topic.

The franchise is what will determine the terms of our relationship with Comcast for the next 15 years and cover everything from quality of cable service to access to affordable broadband for low income families to preserving the public’s ability to make their own media and distribute it on local public access television.

Talk about triple play! How might Comcast rise to the occasion and set an example of corporate citizenship in their hometown.

699 Ranstead Street, Philadelphia PA 19106


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