Cooking up Great User Experiences where Technology is the Key Ingredient

Wednesday, April 2210:00am–11:00am

Any chef will tell you that a great meal relies on great ingredients. The same is true of creating great User Experiences (UX). You need to know your audience, understand what they are looking to accomplish, and deliver highly relevant, personalized and coherent experiences across an array of devices. If that isn’t challenging enough on its own, you also need to understand the role that Technology plays in holding it all together. Too often, User Experiences are designed in a vacuum and Technology and Platform are just afterthoughts.

While UX serves digital interactions that are simple, enjoyable and successful, Technology adds the punch and brings these designed interactions to life. Don’t miss out on this key, but often-overlooked ingredient, when you are cooking up your next great user experience!

In this session, we’ll discuss best practices for creating great user experiences and the role technology needs to play in informing these user experiences. We’ll also discuss how creative and technology teams need to collaborate to deliver user experiences that blend the art of design with science of technology into highly successful solutions.

During this session, we will discuss:

● Basic concepts of user experience (UX) design, principles that can be implemented to engage visitors to provide them with a clear path to information, and why it’s crucial for website success

● The role technology plays in informing these design decisions and when that needs to occur in the process

● Best practices for creating great experiences that work across all digital touch points (information architecture, navigation, content prioritization)

● How organizations should think about their technology and digital platform strategy in the context of developing great user experiences

● Techniques for collaborating with large teams that include clients, project managers, designers, researchers, and developers

● Proven examples of how User Experience has been amplified by Technology

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