Wednesday, April 223:00pm–5:00pm

Failure is not something to be ashamed by. Failure is inevitable and sometimes an important part of becoming successful entrepreneurs. Without it, how would we learn?

In this off-the-cuff, unfiltered and unapologetic event, we’ll hear from a variety of speakers about their past failure(s) and what they’ve learned along the way. Sometimes it takes a lot of failed attempts before you get to that one-in-a-million idea that will launch you to success.

Come together, grab a snack and laugh, commiserate and learn with fellow entrepreneurs and find out how their failures made them who they are today.

Students can attend free with the code "PTW15BizStudent"


  • "The good and the bad of founders building teams" - Anita Andrews, RJMetrics
  • "My first startup failed. Why I'm starting a second." - McKeever Conwell, Redberry
  • "Embracing the Unpredictable: Re-charting your course when your plans and reality go in different directions" - Dr. Stephen Tang, University City Science Center
  • "Why I failed at my first funding pitches" - Morgan Berman, MilkCrate
  • "Come fail away with me: Enjoy my failures in marketing and technology" - Chris Reif, Allen & Gerritsen
  • "Bootstrapping (why it's important!)" - Jordan Brock, Hit the Sticks
  • "From a Product to a Brand – The Failures Along the Way" - Ethan Mollick, University of Pennsylvania

Check out our PTW14 #Failfest Recap for more info on the format of the event.

This event is a part of Philly Tech Week's Business Conference Day. Check out the full list of Business Conference events.

University City Science Center, Quorum
3711 Market Street Suite 800