Iron Chef Game Jam

Thursday, April 166:00pm–10:30pm

Iron Chef Game Jam

This Thursday, April 16th, Dev Night and Philly Game Forge will be hosting the Iron Chef Game Jam!

This is an event that will bring game makers from Philly’s thriving indie game scene together in a competition to see who can make the best, silliest or most interesting game in two hours.

In the spirit of Iron Chef, the participants will be given a common set of materials and one “secret ingredient” that they must incorporate into their game design. The games will be strictly non-digital, meaning board games, tabletop games, party games or anything else playable with real-world objects.

Also in the spirit of Iron Chef, the winner will be chosen by a panel of “celebrity judges” from outside the game community. The games will have to be easy to learn, appeal to a wide variety of people and, above all, be a lot of fun. The jam and judging will be open to the public.

Judges will include:

  • Chris Wink, Editorial Director, Technically Philly ( Tech Week Kicks off this week! )
  • Scott Schroeder, Chef, South Philly Tap Room and American Sardine Bar
  • Kate Nyx, musician (seen on the cover of the latest Philly Weekly and just launched an album called,“ SAGE & SILVER BULLETS”)
  • Mikey Il, Editor-in-Chief, Geekadelphia
  • Michele McKeone, Founder, Autism Expressed.

About Game Jams

A Game Jam is an event where people collaborate to create a game within interesting constraints or themes in a competitive environment with a limited amount of time. The games can be digital (video games) or analog (board, tabletop or party games). The game developers consist of game designers, programmers, visual artists, sound designers, musicians and more. Dev Night has hosted a game jam every month for over two years. Game jams have been skyrocketing in popularity and happen all over the world. Global Game Jam happens annually and, in 2015, attracted over 28,000 participants to make over five thousand games. Train Jam take place over the course of a 52 hour train ride from Chicago to San Francisco.

About Dev Night

Dev Night is the largest weekly tech meetup in Philly. It is a once-a-week event geared towards anyone interested in playing or creating games. It doesn’t matter if you’re an aspiring game developer, artist, writer, or even just a gamer; Dev Night will probably have something to offer. We talk games, play games, make games, compete, collaborate, and share. Dev Night is a creative time for creative people in a creative space.

Philly Game Forge

The Philly Game Forge is Philadelphia's first and only coworking space devoted exclusively to games. It is home to most of the most prominent and successful game companies in Philadelphia, including Cipher Prime, Final Form, Flyclops, Grimm Bros., Quadratron and Space Whale.

Philly Game Forge
239 Chestnut St. 2nd Floor


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