Let Me Explain LIVE

Thursday, April 236:00pm–8:00pm

Let Me Explain is a series focused on real entrepreneurial stories told Live. Starting a business is often an eye-opening experience where things don’t always go as planned and the founder grows in unexpected and uncomfortable ways. Our show shares these stories and the lessons behind them. Each show starts with a theme that the storyteller uses as starting point to explain the untold truths of what it really means to build a business.

The Tech Week show theme "My Money is Funny."

Hosted by Jamila Payne, every show is unique with a new line up of guest entrepreneurs that have compelling stories they’re yearning to share. They’re views are authentic so prepare to laugh, be jolted into reality and enlightened by a theatrical experience. Listen and subscribe to future episodes of the Let Me Explain podcast available on iTunes in mid April.

Impact Hub
1227 N 4th Street

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