Coding with the Community: A conversation on Open Source

Thursday, April 231:00pm–3:00pm

Open source is essentially sharing and building on the collective knowledge of a group of people for a specific technology, sector or project. Ben Franklin was one of the earliest advocates of this notion as he eventually donated all of his inventions to the public domain. (Note obligatory Ben Franklin reference. This is Philly Tech Week after all.) On this panel we gather Philly technologists from companies like DuckDuckGo and Squareknot to discuss how they are charting the course for utilizing open source at their respective companies. And in true open source fashion, we are building on the conversation Technically Philly started with their article on this topic back in February. Individuals interested in learning about open source and connecting with technologists and companies utilizing open source are encouraged to attend. But really, all those excited about a lively debate with a dynamic and diverse group of people talking about technology should swing by!

The panel discussion will be led by:

  • Zac Pappis, Director of Marketing and Community at DuckDuckGo
  • Jide Osan, CTO of Squareknot
  • Leslie Birch, New Media Arts and Technology Specialist
  • Sandile Keswa, Full Stack Dev, Temple Student
Pipeline - The Graham Building
30 S 15th Street 19102 15th Floor