#OpenGov Hackathon

Join us for a fun, creative and competitive environment to develop and create the best piece(s) of media you can that increases or improves transparency in government.

Create blogs, apps, video, APIs, social media, games, combinations — anything you can to make the most compelling case to the widest possible community in support of tracking the spending of tax dollars and understanding the actions of government agencies. To kick off your brainstorming, you may want to look at some existing organizations, such as OpenAccessPHL, a group of Philadelphians working at the intersection of technology, innovation, and civic participation, whose vision is to connect the passion and both new & existing projects of Philadelphians to make local government more open, transparent, and participatory through four main areas of focus: Open Data, Community Participation, Access and Inclusion and Civic Tech Growth.

Come with a team, or join one there. You can have a pitch ready, or wait to see what others say and add your energy to the effort!

The winning team will also earn a cash prize!

The event will conclude with a networking cocktail reception from 5:30 - 7:00 p.m. Registration begins at 9:30 a.m.

Interstate General Media:, The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Daily News
801 Market Street #8