Organize your events using mobile technology "MLeads"

Thursday, April 232:00pm–4:30pm

Events are very complex to manage as an organizer, attendees does not have the event information at their fingertips for meaningful networking experience, Return-on-Investment for attendees is very low and so on…

Sounds familiar? These are the most common problems event organizers, tradeshow planners, networking organizations and corporate event managers face in today’s fast paced environment. Can mobile technology help you become organized, efficient and manage the events like never imagined? Yes! If you know how.

Done right, we invite you to learn just that from a Philadelphia based successful IT entrepreneur turned innovator to show you how.

MLeads allows you

To handle all aspects of event management –

Event setup and ticketing, online registration, manage sessions and services, invites attendees,

Design and Print QR Code Badges,

Upload event agenda and sponsors details

Setup Surveys and social media channels,

Offer MLeads as an event app and BeSocial™ interactive experience to attendees and much more….

Give value add to your exhibitors and visitors while attending events Measure stats and access to information anywhere anytime!

MLeads is your one-stop solution for leads and events management in a way no platform can match!

“MLeads is the next Evolution in Lead and Event management automation setting the Business Development and Trade Show industry standards on fire”

Be A Part Of The Movement To Empower Small Businesses To Have The Same Tools That Big Businesses Have At Much Lower Cost! You will Learn about the mobile technologies built on these same principles, and become successful.

Here are key reasons to attend: 1. The big reveal: We’re ready to showcase what the world’s been missing.

  1. Hands-on training: Learn the product from the people who built it.

  2. Unparalleled networking: Connect with others at our event.

  3. Actionable insights: Come to learn, then return to make an impact. Get 30 day Free Trial account

MLeads is available for download on Apple, Google app stores.

Register today! Complimentary coffee and afternoon snack on us.

Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce
200 South Broad Street 7th Floor, DiBona Room


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