Sales and Marketing automation using mobile technology platform "MLeads"

Wednesday, April 2210:30am–12:30pm

Turning leads into Sales is complicated, follow-ups are hard, prospects fall through the cracks, prospects are not at fingertips to take meaningful actions, Return-on-Investments are very low and so on…

Sounds familiar? These are the most common problems businesses face in today’s fast paced environment. Can mobile technology help you become organized, efficient and help grow the business like never imagined? Yes! If you know how.

Done right, we invite you to learn just that from a Philadelphia based successful IT entrepreneur turned innovator to show you how to get maximum ROI to grow your business.

Be A Part Of The Movement To Empower Small Businesses To Have The Same Tools That Big Businesses Have At Much Lower Cost! You will Learn about the mobile technologies built on these same principles, and become successful.

The best and the brightest are flocking to MLeads. Why?

Here are key reasons to attend: 1. The big reveal: We’re ready to showcase what the world’s been missing.

  1. Hands-on training: Learn the product from the people who built it.

  2. Unparalleled networking: Connect with others at our event.

  3. Actionable insights: Come to learn, then return to make an impact. Get 30 day Free Trial account

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Free event, Complimentary coffee and lunch

Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce
200 South Broad Street 7th Floor, DiBona Room