Tech Tales (@Arcweb)

Monday, April 206:00pm–9:00pm

Our Chief Engineer, Far McKon starts off the evening with the talk IoT Firmware Design: Best practices for embedded development that sucks less. This workshop covers design and best practices to make embedded work as fast and reliable as web or mobile app development.

According to Far “Embedded development has typically been slower and more painful than regular development, for a myriad of reasons. That really doesn't need to be the case.”

Following a 30-minute break, CTO, Gabe Torres talks Unit Testing Embedded Systems. He'll show you how to get away from the classic "Code, Flash, Verify" cycle and get your life back. Come learn how to design and unit test your embedded software in a way that makes you a more efficient programmer. There might be cookies*.

About Arcweb

Based in the heart of N3RD Street, Philadelphia’s burgeoning tech hub, Arcweb is composed of some of the best technical minds in the region passionate about building applications that not only provide value to the customer, but also to the community at large.

They design and develop comprehensive products and solutions for a variety of enterprises, ranging from startups to Fortune 20 financial services companies. We are committed to a philosophy that blends agile software development practices with lean startup methodologies and are relentlessly focused on meeting budget, timeline, and scope requirements.

*BYO Cookies.

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