The Inclusive Technology & Entrepreneurship Movement

Tuesday, April 215:30pm–7:30pm

As democratic as the technology space appears to be, if you look around any given room filled with techpreneurs in Philadelphia, you will see that there are not many minorities or women in the room. This is not because the City lacks experienced, successful, talented minority and women technology professionals and entrepreneurs. It is because the technology conversation is happening a tad myopically. In spite of the lack of diversity, no one appears to be asking the question, where are the others? Enter THE ITEM.

THE ITEM's first meeting took place on Tuesday March 21, 2015 at Pipeline Philly (one of the most avantgarde co-working locations in Philadelphia) with more than 60 minority and women technology professionals and entrepreneurs in attendance. Keynote speaker - Jon Gosier - Pitch your business volunteers?,, Next keynote speaker, Silicon Harlem's President, Clayton Banks.

So beyond, networking and partnerships? What are we trying to achieve? To alleviate poverty or create wealth - depending on your perspective. With 66% of Philadelphia's population living near or at poverty levels, THE ITEM sees technology as a source of entrepreneurship, skills acquisition and job placement for the City's unemployed and underemployed. With the US' (and by proxy Philadelphia's) Fortune 500 companies seeking STEM trained employees, THE ITEM's members are naturally oriented, have the skills and the resources to fill this need. That's the long (and the not so short) of it.

Pipeline Philly
30 S. 15th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107 15th Floor