Jordan Brock

Jordan Brock

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Jordan Brock studied art history at Kenyon college. After graduation, Jordan studied ceramics as apprentice to master potter Richard Bennett. Jordan then set out on his own and started making and selling porcelain dishware. Jordan eventually became disenchanted with the prospect of being a one-man-human-factory for the rest of his life.

Jordan then founded Hit the Sticks, LLC. Hit the Sticks is a talented team of engineers and artists. Our game, Mark of the Old Ones, failed to reach its funding goal on Kickstarter. We kept working on the game and, on our second attempt, were successfully funded by Kickstarter. Since then, Sony was kind enough to give us a free booth at the massive Tokyo Game Show; where Mark of the Old Ones was selected by Famitsu as the best indie game at the show.

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Hit the Sticks, LLC
Wynnewood, PA