Mike Matranga

Mike Matranga

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As a development lead, Mike runs the stellar teams that build exceptional software. He's an artist, and his masterpieces come in the form of clean code that's as functional as it is simple.

Mike got his start with DmgCtrl, an agency dedicated to fixing the mistakes left behind by lesser developers. Here, he honed his skills and unleashed a sixth sense – an x-ray vision of sorts that allows him to examine a jumbled mess of code, spot the superfluous bulk, and refactor it to reveal something simple, powerful, and beautiful.

After the merger between DmgCtrl and Tonic Design Co., Mike took on a leadership role and became the development point person on major projects for big brands like AT&T, 21st Century Insurance, Johnson & Johnson, and Farmers Insurance.

With a lifelong love of tech, Mike explores his passions and broadens his horizons both inside and outside of the workplace. He's a diligent learner and devotee to the Philly tech community, and can be found actively learning new programming languages and attending meetups in the area. His passion for learning and exploring new areas bleeds into his work at Tonic, where one day he's building a framework around the iOS UIAutomation library, and another he's building QFRS, one of the first single-page Javascript applications to be successfully integrated with the Salesforce platform and deployed into production. He's using his expertise with Github and the static site generator Middleman to devise new ways to create dynamic content on Tonic's own website. He was also one of the first developers in the area to dive head-first into Apple's new native iOS language, Swift.

Mike is a dedicated mentor to apprentice and junior developers who are first dabbling in code, but he also happily lends his expertise veterans who need a refresh on new best practices. Under his guidance, Tonic Design Co. has found innovative ways to push brand strategy and engagement forward, and he continues to identify and tackle technological challenges to create products with clean code that function seamlessly.

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