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Felicite Moorman

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Felicite Moorman is an award-winning technology entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO of StratIS, an award-winning SaaS Platform for large-scale access, energy, and automation IoT installations that currently serves over 150,000 users across 300 sites and forty states. Moorman is also CEO of BuLogics, which designs, builds, and certifies hardware, software, and ecosystems for the Internet of Things and is the recent recipient of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce’s Technological Excellence Award.

She has earned an international reputation as a go-to IoT industry expert, developing pioneering strategic partnerships and unprecedented technology strategies and initiatives. Moorman has been featured as a thought leader in US News & World Report, Fast Company, Chicago Tribune, Yahoo! News, Dell, Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Business Journal, amongst others. She’s also a frequent writer, speaker, and presenter on the Internet of Things and has been featured at Broadcom Communities, CABA, AIM and in IoT Today, MultiFamily Executive and CIO Review.

Moorman is a Board Member of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Small Business Board. She is also a community activist and Chair of East Falls Forward, a Philadelphia Registered Community Organization focused on the revitalization of the Riverfront Business District. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland School of Law and a Law School Club Founder.

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